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  • monthly budget operating expenses in excel
  • example of monthly headcount and staff budget
  • example of a monthly revenue forecast in excel
  • example of cost of sales and direct costs in a monthly budget
  • example of monthly budget accruals adjustment in Excel
  • graph showing monthly revenues costs and cash balance
  • an example of budget and long term forecast in excel
  • an example of assumptions table in excel

Monthly Budget and Forecast Template

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An Excel template with a Monthly Budget Forecast and calculations of Operating Costs, Sales, Revenue, Direct Expenses, Accruals, Cash Movement and Balance, and Long-Term Projections.

The file is in Excel format, but you can convert it to Google Sheets using the instructions here [external link].

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The Monthly Budget and Forecast Template contains the following Excel sheets and sections:

  • Monthly Budget: The template calculates operating costs, sales, revenue and direct expenses. It also allows for estimating the impact of accruals and deferrals on cash movement and balance.
  • Long-Term Forecast: The spreadsheet converts the monthly budget into longer-term annual projections.
  • Graphs: The file contains an example of visualising monthly revenues and costs and their impact on the overall cash balance.
  • Assumptions Table: A set of assumptions and budget inputs allows testing the financial outcome under different scenarios.

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Learn More: How to Create a Monthly Budget Forecast