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Telecom Financial Model Template


An Excel template with a Telecom Model and calculations of Sales Growth, Customer Revenue and Cash Flow Forecast, Debt Estimates and Return on Investment Analysis.

The file is in Excel format, but you can convert it to Google Sheets using the instructions here [external link].

Learn More: How to Create a Telecom Financial Model

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The Telecom Model Template contains the following Excel sheets and sections:

  • Monthly Cash Flow Forecast: The Template splits the Revenue and Direct Cost estimates by service streams (i.e. internet, mobile, TV, etc.). It links the Capital Expenditure forecast to addressable market, customer reach, and building speed.
  • Telecom Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet: The spreadsheet contains the annual summaries of Net Income, Assets and Liabilities. It has detailed calculations of Debt Repayments and Interest and Depreciation.
  • Return on Investment and Sensitivity Analysis: The Template estimates the required level of equity and calculates its returns based on the model’s output. It also uses Excel’s data table to stress-test the assumptions and the Telecom Financial Model.
  • Customer Lifetime Value Calculator and Cohort Analysis: The spreadsheet shows the model’s profitability based on customer retention, churn assumptions, and the resulting lifetime value. It also picks a cohort of users to illustrate revenues and costs over time. 

Click on product images for screenshots of the template.

Learn More: How to Create a Telecom Financial Model