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Merger and Acquisition Model Template


An Excel template with a Merger and Acquisition Model and calculations of Synergies, Levered and Unlevered Cash Flows, Headcount Projections, Balance Sheet, Return on Investment and Sensitivity Analysis.

The file is in Excel format, but you can convert it to Google Sheets using the instructions here [external link].

Learn More: How to Create a Merger and Acquisition Model

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The Merger and Acquisition Model Template contains the following Excel sheets and sections:

  • Monthly Financial Model: The template shows the historical performance of the Target and the Acquiring Companies. It then shows how the revenues evolve after the consolidation, showing the resulting synergies.
  • Debt and Equity Financing: The model allows financing the Merger or Acquisition transaction through debt. It then shows the impact of the financing on equity requirement and the overall Return on Investment.
  • Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet: The template shows how the consolidation affects the Net Income of the Acquiring Company. It also includes an example of Fair Value and Goodwill calculations and their impact on the Balance Sheet.
  • Summary and Sensitivity Analysis: The model illustrates the consolidation’s synergies and impact on the Acquiring Company’s Cash Flow. It also uses Excel’s Data Tables to test the Return on Investment under different scenarios.

Click on product images for screenshots of the template.

Learn More: How to Create a Merger and Acquisition Model