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Simple Monthly Cash Flow Excel Template


A Simple Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model Template with Assumptions, Monthly Excel Model, Return on Investment Calculations, Summary and Graphs.

The file is in Excel format, but you can convert it to Google Sheets using the instructions here [external link].

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A simple cash flow Excel template. The model contains the following sheets:

  • Contents Page
  • Assumptions Page — This page lists the main drivers of growth in costs and revenue. It takes into account factors that can affect monthly income, such as one-off charges, recurring fees, and the cost of employee salaries.
  • Cash Flow Model — The cash flow model details factors affecting costs and revenue in each month of the year over a 60-month period.
  • Summary and Returns — This page summarises the findings of the cash flow model. It clearly presents your total revenue, cash flow, and return on investments.
  • Graphs — Like the Summary and Returns page, the Graphs section of the model is designed to help you understand and visualise your business data.

The types of formulas used to create this spreadsheet model include IF (conditional statements), SUMIFs, Relative and Absolute referencing, IRR and DATE functions.


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