Excel Tutorials and Templates

Here you can find my free video tutorials on Financial Modelling, Business Analysis and basic functionalities in Excel. You can also download Excel templates which you can customise to your own projects or use them as learning resources.

- Intro to Financial Modelling - Startup Cash Flow Model
- Extended Financial Model - Scenarios, DCF, Debt + others
- Beginner's Introduction to Excel

Intro to Financial Modelling - Startup Cash Flow Model

This tutorial shows how to create a simple cash flow model using Excel. The model consists of Assumptions page which lists the main drivers of the growth in costs and revenues. The assumptions are linked to for a detailed monthly modelling of cashflows. Summaries and Graphs help in easier presentation of the outcome of the model. The formulas used: IF (conditional statements), SUMIFs, Relative and Absolute referencing, IRR, DATE functions.

 Download the Excel Cash Flow template

Extended Financial Model - with Scenarios, DCF calculation, Debt model and detailed P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet statements

This model is an extension of the Simple Cash Flow model with the following additional functionalities:
- Model scenario builder - the use of INDEX formulas allows to quickly test how the outcome of the model differs with different set of assumptions
- Returns / Capital structure page - extends the use of IRR and NPV functions to calculate return on investment for different tranches of investors and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) calculation
- Debt Modelling - using financial functions like PMT creates a debt repayment model with simplified calculations of interest and principal repayments
- Detailed P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet statements

 Download the Excel Extended Cash Flow template

Beginner's Introduction to Excel

This short crash course will explain you the difference between relative vs. absolute references and how to use basic formulas in Excel.

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