One-to-One Financial Modelling Crash Course

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create financial models in Excel for your work or own business. At the end of the session you will have learned how to build your own easy to understand model with complete set out outputs including returns (IRRs, NPVs), Equity/Debt requirement, simplified Cash Flow statement, P&L and Balance Sheet as well as an ongoing support should you need any support or consulting in the future. The course covers:

Examples of Areas Covered:
- Linking main drivers and assumptons to an operational Cash-Flow Model
- Creating CashFlow, P&L and Balance Sheet statements
- Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and other valuation methods
- Calculating Capital Structure, IRRs, NPVs, Paybacks
- Debt and Equity Modelling
- Building scenarios and sensitivities
- Keeping your model concise and easy to present

One-to-One Rates:
2 sessions (2 x 1.5Hours): £269
3 sessions (3 x 1.5Hours): £399
Location: London (Your Home, Office or a favourite coffee shop)
Online/Skype Rates:
30mins: £39 | 60mins: £69
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"I have worked closely with Jacek during intensive periods of financing needed to fund the growth of CityFibre PLC. Jacek's work was pivotal to the success of these initiatives. He is a very competent and detailed financial analyst and his work is not only reliable but creative. Extermely hard working and intelligent guy. I enjoyed working with him"
- Peter Manning, Chairman of CityFibre Holdings PLC

Cash Flow Model
Download a Free Excel Template with scenarios, DCF calculation, debt model and detailed P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet statements:

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About Me: My name is Jacek and I love Excel! With over 10 years of commercial experience I will be delighted to share my knowledge and make your life easier.