Dealing with numbers and spreadsheets can be frustrating. I always strive to make sense of the data, simplify processes and convert them into easy to understand transparent reports, financial plans and summaries. My strenghts lie in Financial Modelling, Data Analytics and Sales & Operational Support:

 Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) / Cashflow Projections

This offer is perfect for any small business owner seeking help in developing a set of cash-flow projections to secure a bank loan or an investment. As part of the process I will understand your vision, identify the key drivers and assumptions of the business and develop a set of financial projections that would include the main assumptions, cash flow model, key summaries/metrics and easy to update graphs (click here for a free Excel template). I will also ensure that the model reflects the narrative of your business plan.

"I have worked closely with Jacek during intensive periods of financing, needed to fund the growth of CityFibre PLC. Jacek's work was pivotal to the success of these initiatives. He is a very competent and detailed financial analyst and his work is not only reliable but creative. Extermely hard working and intelligent guy. I enjoyed working with him" - Peter Manning, Chairman of CityFibre Holdings PLC

Experience: CityFibre Holdings (Telecoms) - Financial Analysis, Muzicall (Mobile Content) - Business Analysis
Rates: from £69 per hour | For Training check out my Excel and Python One-to-One Courses
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 Data Analytics and Python Programming

We are surrounded by data and it's easy to get lost in their vast amount and lost sight of what is it that we are looking for. I love searching for patterns while at the same translating the data into comprehensive and digestible language for the business. By combining my academic background in research and practical data mining skills I make sure to capture the right kind of data and make the best use of them.

"Jacek is one of the smartest people that I have worked with. His ability to provide huge swathes of in-depth analysis are impressive to say the least and his brain is seemingly able to compute huge amounts of data whilst his Excel skills are second to none. He is also a really great guy and I am confident that he would be an invaluable asset to any company." - James Kaye, Director and Co-Founder at Big Ideas Machine

Experience: Yahoo! (Online Advertising) - Yield Management, BAA (Airport Operator) - Data Analysis
Rates: from £69 per hour | For Training check out my Excel and Python One-to-One Courses
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 Sales and Operational Support

The Sales Team need support in creating customised quotes and internal business cases, the Marketing Team is desperate to understand conversion rates and how their campaigns translate into returns, the Operations want to track progress of their work in an easy to grasp way. While there are many great tools out there like Salesforce or MS Project to help with running daily operations it is still not easy to get away from using Excel. As always, I am happy to help and provide Excel tools tailored to the specific needs of the business.

"Jacek is a real top performer and highly skilled in financial modelling and complex business case development. I worked with him on number of high value transactions and his expertise was invaluable to deal structuring and closing. Highly Recommended!" - Andy Nash, Head of Public Sector and New Cities at CityFibre

Experience: CityFibre Holdings (Telecoms), Muzicall (Mobile Content), Reed Consulting (Human Resources Consultancy)
Rates: from £69 per hour | For Training check out my Excel and Python One-to-One Courses
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